The Illuminating Empowerment of Words: Paradox


There is a bridge to build in life, a bridge of understanding. This understanding embodies acceptance of grievance in our humanness and acceptance of our divine connection. Colossians 3:12–14 challenges us to display virtues of humility, compassion, and forgiveness. We are asked, in this verse, to have grievance and patience come together, which binds these virtues. Grievances and patience come together to form love. That is unity, our oneness with God, our path of unitedness and concord. These verses in Colossians challenge us to accept the burdens of life and the inspirations of life, to bridge their purpose in our life. The paradox of acceptance, maintaining strong roots in the challenges of the day AND nourishing one’s beauty, inspiration, and purpose for living life on earth. Building a bridge between what is on earth and what is in heaven.

Hair products bridge the care of hair needs for release and for nourishment. I rely on the purpose of shampoo and conditioner to shine in life. What is the purpose of shampoo? To release the oil, smoke, dirt, sweat from hair, these external factors that can weaken the root system. What is the purpose of conditioner? To nourish and make hair manageable and soft. If I wait too long to wash my hair, I do not shine, my hair becomes matted and disheveled, even after combing or brushing. Seems to apply to harboring anger, fear and hate as well, do not wait too long to release, these just might “stay” with you for awhile and dishevel your life’s journey.

Shampoo and conditioner/release and nourishment. The concept seems so simple, just maintain a loving connection to self and others through release and nourishment. To bridge grievances with patience, humility, compassion, and forgiveness, as God has asked of us. How easy it seems to live life, full of unconditional love, of self and others, just as you are and just as they are, to construct this bridge of acceptance. We rid ourselves of grievances through acts of forgiveness. We love with compassion, patience, and humility. Shampooing, the act of washing away that which interferes with the healthiness of our roots, that which interferes with the display of who we really are. Conditioning, the act of nourishing our divineness so we shine and fulfill our life purpose. Life: bridging acts of grievance with forgiveness and love. Perhaps it is not so simple in daily life, challenges and obstacles grow, emotions cling, memories linger, divides broaden.

Bridge building, simple and a challenge. A paradox. There are many complexities in meeting this challenging paradox of uniting grievance and patience into love. As individuals and tribes, we sometimes get stuck in bridging these releasing/nourishing connections in life. We have harbor habits, neglecting the role and importance of releasing emotions, ridding ourselves and tribes of anger, irritation, hate, envy, greed, resentment, worry, anxiety, fear, aggression, selfishness, addictions. These emotions inhibit our connection with our divineness and to others when amplified beyond the circumstance. These emotions should be allowed and not extremely expressed. These emotions can surface and interact, for we are asked to “rid” ourselves or transform these grievances. The purpose of shampoo and conditioner, to wash away the negative and to nourish our courageousness, our perseverance, our being to fulfill our internal aspirations, to unite in love. To bind, the shampoo binds with the oil and dirt, to allow release. Humans’ emotions, bind with what arises and are intended to be released. We are born to assert ourselves and be strong in who we are, and amidst our conflicts, the daily grind of grievances, to seek unity. Shampoo and condition, “as needed” or “as necessary”. Use the conditions of humility, patience, compassion, and forgiveness to unite, as needed, and allow their unfolding over time.

The paradox of acceptance, a bridge with love, is not being happy in every moment, or even expecting happiness in every moment. It is living, knowing that on the rough day, the hard day, in the challenging moments, there are also smooth days, easy and uplifting moments in peace and understanding. On the rough days, seek to bind the grievance with patience, humility, compassion in your spiritual practices. There is a bridge between the earthly world and the spiritual world, there is a bridge between our grievances and our love. We can bring to mind, while we shampoo and condition, our calling in life, the paradoxical bridges of understanding we are asked to build, through release and nourishment. Let go of grievances, as gradually or as quickly as it serves you to. Allow yourself to shine in the soft strength of your courageous, humbleness, and persevere in your internal aspirations. Oh, I am so human. I am still evolving in this bridging, paradoxical, shampooing, conditioning endeavor. I am grateful God loves me and nourishes my successful efforts and forgives my failing efforts and accepts me as I am each day. What a loving bridge!

If you are struggling with unworthiness, the need to forgive and replace hatred with love reach out to trusted sources. Become free of what weighs on you. Kathy Mortensen: Minister; Intuitive Guide; Master Reiki Practitioner; Certified Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release®.



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Kathy Mortensen

Kathy Mortensen

Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and Certified Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release®.