The Illuminating Empowerment of Words: Forgiveness


Lull is an action, actions to calm, to soothe, in creating the next steps or answers. Lull includes actions of deception, to calm by deception, or to lulled by a false sense of security. Babies, being lulled to sleep provide a respite for parents, needed rest and growth time for the baby. Conflicts and needed problem solving are lulled into creation for solutions or can lull one into deceptions of right/wrong, with a lack of understanding. One side of lulling, soothing and calming. One side of lulling deceit, false security. As we lull in moments of reprieve from our dual world of experience, which lulling actions call us, call us into action?

Reflect on the action of “lull” in our earthly and spiritual relationships, spend a moment to illuminate how this word influences your being, how you relate spiritually, your interactions with others. Are you lulled into calmness, soothing, knowing there are solutions for your needed next creation? Are you lulled by deception, taking actions in ways that might not be true for you? Maintaining connection with another, the Jesus I know, asks of us to build up peace and avoid putting stumbling blocks in front of others. We are not to quarrel and are asked to welcome those with a weak faith. The stretching of our mind depends on us taking moments to ponder, moments in which we are lulled, to rest and await answers to the conflicts, problems, complexities of the day. Allowing our soul to sing depends on us listening within, allowing moments in which we are lulled, to energize and sense the song of joy our voice needs to share. The soaring of our hearts depends on the interests welling within us, allowing moments in which we are lulled, to intensify our ability to share affection.

I am referring to Romans 14: 1–23 to illuminate the role of “lull” in our relationships. A little background information. The book of Romans was written by the Apostle Paul. Romans is considered a “Constitution” of Christianity by some. ¹ Constitution means a set of qualities that makes one different (we all have a differing constitution about ourselves), or a set of rules to live by (as in the US Constitution). Either definition of constitution applies to us, lulls us. Our constitution guides our interactions. Paul writes for Jews and Gentiles, the thinking at the time was Jews were “God’s” people and Gentiles were heathens.

Romans is described as words to stretch our mind, support our soul to sing and support our hearts to soar.¹ A Romans 14:1–23 overview includes concepts such as we are not to quarrel, we are to welcome the weak in faith. We are not to pass judgement, and to avoid putting stumbling blocks in front of our brothers. We are asked to pursue that which builds up peace.

Each day, quarrels arise. Some arise with a weakened faith. In each moment, someone, somewhere is judged. Daily, we contribute to the construction of stumbling blocks for our brothers. News, social media, our rightness and wrongness lull us away from peace. We have been created with differing “constitutions” of character. To live in relationship with each other and ourselves, our lulls need to reflect on forgiveness for the times we forget who we are, when we quarrel, when we demean those weak in faith, when we purposefully create stumbling blocks for others, when we judge, when we choose a less than peaceful response. Our lulls need to include pondering how to connect with each other with our differing “constitutions’ of character and our differing rules and laws and definitions of rules and laws.

We can be easily deceived that we do not have a responsibility towards building peace. This is not a reference to world peace, but peace within ourselves and our communities. Not passing judgement does mean there is no accountability for actions of harm. I’m left to wonder if there are ways to hold accountability without quarrel, and excuse-based stumbling blocks. What are ways to stretch our mind to fulfill what we are asked to complete from these words of guidance? To live in honesty about errors, to respond in loving kindness and non-reactive words, words of non-judgement. I work on this concept quite frequently!

The words imply that the weak in faith can be strengthened. The question is not “which” faith, but a faith that is aligned and integrated for that individual, so souls can sing, and hearts can soar. Not just the Jews, the Gentiles (heathens) are included. I have learned from the mystics about differing perspectives and the importance of what is emphasized. Richard Rohr, in his book Universal Christ, points out the historical role of “sin management”. The focus of our relationship lulled into deception of focusing on our sinful nature. As I have shifted, from my focus on myself as a sinner, always imperfect to a loving being imperfectly perfect, the role of Jesus as a teacher, a life guide, a constructor of life has been lulled into existence for me. Yes, His life saved me — because of the way he lived his life! I am saved following the words he lived. Jesus challenged old ways to bring in awareness for new ways. Our daily job. A small shift in focus brings together Jews and Gentiles.

Take a few moments each day to lull. Allow forgiveness to arrive for yourself, allow it’s unfolding. For Jesus demonstrated a God as someone with whom we can have a relationship. This God, the God I know loves us all, forgives us all. Our daily salvation is a participatory experience. Live “in Christ”, as Richard Rohr so eloquently explains in his book Universal Christ. Jesus demonstrated and shared wisdom, how to live daily life with wisdom for participation. I now am lulled to calmness, soothing out my day more often walking in this view of faith and less often falling prey to my lack of worthiness. I continue to have mistaken judgements, I continue to quarrel, I take actions that create less than peaceful interactions. In my lulls, I am childlike, for my view shines light on what Jesus taught, I get to wake up and try again, for I am forgiven. I practice a Hawaiian forgiveness, Ho’oponopono, the code of forgiveness every night! For when we forgive others, we forgive ourselves. I can still grow and learn.

If you are struggling with unworthiness, the need to forgive and replace hatred with love reach out to trusted sources. Become free of what weighs on you. Kathy Mortensen: Minister; Intuitive Guide; Master Reiki Practitioner; Certified Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release®.



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Kathy Mortensen

Kathy Mortensen

Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and Certified Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release®.