Illuminating Words: The Jesus I Know

The Jesus I know lingered with God. Jesus modeled for us what we are to be. Matthew 14:23, Luke 6:12 and Luke 5:16 all speak of Jesus withdrawing to pray, to be alone, in another way of speaking: to gain fresh power. Jesus also lingered with the sinners, those who were in need. He did not linger with those who were well versed in religious law. He balanced his life, spending time lingering to connect to fresh power and spending time with those in need, who relied on his power to enable their own healing. We are also asked to linger in the presence of God, to linger in the light of God, to gain fresh power. Power, energy, also light. In Matthew 6:22 Jesus spoke of the eye as the lamp of the body, with good eyes your whole body is full of light. Linger, to connect to God, to connect to light, to refresh your light, your power. Be present in the light. Linger, to have good eyes. Our eyes, the lamp of our body. Seeing is perception. There are many ways of seeing, of perceiving.

Have good eyes, what does that mean? “Good”, what is the perception “good”? What is good for you might not be good for me. I will not linger on the concept of “good” today, yet I realize how we define “good” varies. Ask any steadfast Republic or Democrat what is “good” about the other party compared to their party and you will experience various definitions of “good”, depending on one’s perception. Ask any Evangelist Christian what is “good” about the Catholic, Methodist, Episcopal, Baptist and other denominations that support and allow gay marriage and members. How we see is different, our perceptions are influenced by us internally.

There is a saying, Seeing is believing. There is another saying, Believing is Seeing. We have such paradoxes to work through, just as Jesus did during his time. Our beliefs are being tested every day, just as Jesus was testing the beliefs of and laws in His time. Rob Wijnberg wrote an article in The Correspondent (no longer in service) in which he stated “our world is better off now than at any point in human history, yet things have never been worse”. I see what he is saying, the disparity between those with wealth and those in poverty, the devastating impact of those with wealth environmentally on those who live in poverty. I see the evidence that supports what he sees, the beliefs he holds. Other articles in the news talk about how countries are ranked based on happiness, or quality of life, or other factors. The top ranked countries in most of these types of rankings are Canada, or Japan, or Switzerland, or The Netherlands. Economical rankings are different, with the US, China ranking the highest. I believe and see the evidence that supports the rankings. Many believe and see the US as a great country in the world, and many have a different point of view. This wandering brings me back to lingering.

Where should be linger? In what we see or what we believe? How is what we see and perceive influenced by our beliefs? How do our beliefs influence what we see? We can linger with God and connect, to refresh. Are we refreshing the old or bringing in the new? Jesus shed new light on old laws. Are our eyes good, filled with light? John 16:13 speaks of the Spirit of truth, guiding our truth and this Spirit will speak the truth of what is to come. I choose to linger beyond this ranking type of focus, or economic focus. We are here to enjoy the world. I choose to linger in enjoying the world provided to me. I choose to linger with our real power, our alignment with God, with love. This requires of me to linger in quiet stillness with God as Jesus did, and then to share the re-energizing power of light and love I receive with my worldly walk, just as Jesus did. Perhaps the second coming of Christ, Christ consciousness, is moving beyond the focus on the “right” way or the “wrong” way, to see and believe. Perhaps our focus on what is “right” for me in this moment to bring together opposing world views that I experience, to shed light on what is good in the moment, to bring back light to the darkness of our differences so that we can become one again, seeing the God in each of us that exists there, the light that exists in each of us. Accepting what is and loving a grander experience into existence.

I accept a new view of atonement….at one ment. Being at one, in our oneness. I accept that we are designed with differences, different beliefs, different ways of seeing, different ways of lingering with God or Source or Creator. I accept that we are living life to support life’s ongoing creation, never ending transformations, and eternal fullness. We are one, as Jesus demonstrated in his life and in his words, John 17: 22. Share the liberating love of God within our own diverseness, that is what connects us. Reconnect to connect. Unconditional love, acceptance.

The theme of my writings embed mystical Christ: Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness. The Power of Words to heal.

Gifts from the opposites (there is no light without darkness) = Love. Jesus taught us love.

Gifts from paradox (2 differing truths embrace truth) = Acceptance. Jesus taught us acceptance.

Gifts from pausing (process the emotions and thoughts, reconnect to higher divine beingness, go and sin no more, let go) = Forgiveness. Jesus taught us forgiveness.

If you are struggling with unworthiness, the need to forgive and replace hatred with love reach out to trusted sources. Become free of what weighs on you. Kathy Mortensen: Minister; Intuitive Guide; Master Reiki Practitioner; Certified Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release®. Email:



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Kathy Mortensen

Kathy Mortensen

Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and Certified Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release®.